What is iCodeConnect?

Viewing a patient's record
Viewing registered patients
Viewing a patient's compliance report

iCodeConnect® is a cloud-based information management system that makes transferring sleep reports seamless.

iCodeConnect® integrates with 3B's free smartphone app, a first-of-its-kind app that decodes and sends sleep reports with the snap of a photo.

iCode® and iCode Connect® manage patient records, develop patient reports and track overall treatment progress of CPAP and sleep apnea patients.

iCodeConnect® makes treating sleep disorder patients easier and more efficient. It provides accurate, timely data, is HIPAA compliant and cloud-based, so the information can be sent to various healthcare providers with no additional costs.

Our iCode® app and new cloud-based portal, iCodeConnect® work together to provide communication to the entire team — patients, respiratory therapists, physicians and clinicians — without the use of costly home visits and modems.

iCodeConnect® eliminates the logistical challenges of inventorying and retrieving modems and SD cards from patients.

In addition to eliminating modem costs, monthly service fees and the cost of a home visit, iCodeConnect® can function with only a smart phone. If a patient can take a picture, a sleep compliance report can be produced quickly and retrieved by the entire healthcare team.

iCodeConnect® utilizes optical character recognition technology to process a photograph and extract sleep data from the display to produce a full sleep report.

The iCodeConnect® web portal can capture data from the iCode® phone app, upload from an SD card, or capture the report from the iCode® online report generator.

The iCodeConnect® web portal also archives patient sleep data. In addition to capturing all sleep reports, iCodeConnect® also acts as an easy and convenient way for physicians and home medical equipment supplier to trade patient notes, maintain prescription information and monitor patient progress. iCodeConnect® works seamlessly with 3B®'s iCode® application for Android and iPhone and online report generation. Collected data includes device, mask and accessory prescriptions, model numbers and sizes, contact information, a log of past patient interactions, patient photo, primary and secondary insurance, medical care team, reminders and notes.